Are all goodbyes are bad? If so, why is there a good in goodbyes? 

Goodbyes are painful, I hate the thought of saying goodbyes with knowing that I will not see them forever. The thought of someone being a part of your life, but the word " goodbye " can you set you apart. 

The thought of letting you go is no new thoughts in my head. I want to but I don't want to at the same time. There was never an us, but why do I have to let you go? Once I was a girl in love with you, but now I was a girl who's still in love with you but I also want to let you go too. 

If I let you go, would I not feel the pain in my heart. But if I don't, do I have to bear with the consequences?  A part of me is still wishing for love, but a part of me just gave up. 

If destiny is real, it this destiny's work? Maybe I'm not meant for you? Or maybe destiny is finding ways for us. I never believed in destiny anyway. 

Love messed me up a lot of times anyway, from my first love to you. I was such a love sick that's why. I keep wishing for a fantasy that is far from reality. 

I hoped that you like me too but that was just an expectation and the reality is you don't. I kept pushing you, I tried everything, but nothing has come out the way I dreamt. 

So tell me again, 

Is there a good in goodbyes?

I don't think so.